Nothing beats the winter blues like the smell of fresh citrus. Blood oranges are full of antioxidants and high in flavour. Only when slicing through the orange skin, will you see their distinctive pink/maroon coloured flesh.


The presence of anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant, in the pulp and rind, gives blood oranges their red colour. These pigments are produced in sufficient amounts only when the fruit is exposed to cold temperatures during its development or post-harvest.

Blood Orange1

On the farm we’re experimenting with many different varieties of blood oranges: Tapi 1, Tapi 2, Clara, Messina, Moro, Sciara, Meli, Gallo and Rossa. All of these were grafted onto a Troyer or Carrizo rootstock. ┬áThe trees are still young and will produce their first harvest in two years.


Blood oranges have a unique flavour compared to other oranges, being tart-sweet and slightly berry-like in addition to the usual citrus notes. This week we serve Cara blood orange slices in our Greenhouse Salad.