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We take the gentle art of tea blending seriously at Babylonstoren, using the finest cuts of superior-quality organic Rooibos and Honeybush leaves in our teabags to obtain a true local character. A typically South African drink that has found popularity at home and abroad, Rooibos and Honeybush derive from indigenous Cape fynbos, hence the distinctive amber colour and sweet, earthy and uniquely floral taste that sets them apart from the rest. 

There’s also more to our tea than just a moment of serenity: this splendid brew is also naturally caffeine-free, low in tannins and rich in anti-oxidants. While the question of how to enjoy our strong and honest Rooibos and Honeybush blends is entirely up to you – with or without milk, with a spoonful of honey or straight up, over ice or steaming – it’s certain we’re all in agreement on one thing… Tea is always a good idea. 

Rooibos Tea

Available in teabags or loose-leaf, our organic Rooibos Tea (Afrikaans for ‘Red Bush’) has a herbal, fruity taste and a distinctive crimson colour. Made from the dried leaves of the Rooibos plant, this drink is not only naturally sugar- and caffeine-free but is also appreciated for its great flavour and health benefits. 

Brew in just-boiled water to your preferred strength and enjoy as is, or add milk, cinnamon, honey or sugar for a comforting drink. For the best of both, make a brew using a bag each of Honeybush and Rooibos tea. 

Honeybush Tea

Made from the indigenous Honeybush plant that forms part of the fynbos biome, our Organic Honeybush Tea is infused with the essence of the Southern Cape. Enjoyed for its herbal-flowery taste, slight sweetness and honey aroma, this tea is a delightful alternative to the everyday cuppa. 

It is 100% natural, low in tannin and contains no caffeine or sugar. The relaxing and soothing qualities of Honeybush Tea make it the ideal beverage to complement a healthy lifestyle. For optimal flavour, brew with just-boiled water to the preferred strength and enjoy hot or cold, with milk or without. 

"I love my Rooibos loose-leaf tea on the stove or in a plunger. I add a little milk to create the perfect drink before bed. In summer I like to create an ice tea with my children by cold-steeping, adding a bit of honey and serving over ice. We use whatever fruit or juice we have in the house for extra flavour. The home-made ice tea served at the Greenhouse Restaurant at Babylonstoren is also a firm favourite"