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Internships & Volunteers

We welcome fellow gardeners, horticulturists, botanists or those who are eager to learn more about gardening and share their knowledge. You’ll work with our gardeners in every aspect of the garden but, most importantly, get a chance to contribute to the garden in a real way – planting, harvesting, pruning, mulching and watching.

"How lucky can I be, to be here. It’s paradise lost and found."



We offer a three-month as well as a one-year practical internship in our garden. Interns will work in the different sections that include vegetables, fruits, nursery, succulents and décor for functions under the guidance of experienced gardeners such as Anton Roux, Gundula Deutschlander, Constance Stuurman, Ernst van Jaarsveld and Liesl van der Walt (see short profile below).

Requirements: We are looking for interns with some experience working with plants and an interest in growing food plants. Students must be fit, able to spend their days outdoors digging, planting, weeding, potting and pruning with the gardening team.

Babylonstoren offers student accommodation for a maximum of four students on the neighbouring farm and daily lunch at our staff canteen.

A Babylonstoren Gardening Internship certificate will be given to students after completing the internship.


  • Anton Roux – Master of the secateurs and most experienced gardener in the team with regards to fruit trees and exotic fruits.
  • Constance Stuurman – Experienced gardener with a talent for innovative and creative displays of fruit and vegetables in our hotel, farm shop, restaurants and at our functions.
  • Ernst van Jaarsveld – Botanist and horticulturist, well known for his extensive knowledge of South Africa’s indigenous flora.
  • Gundula Deutschlander – Artist and plantswoman with wonderful talent for telling stories, sharing her passion for herbs and vegetables, and getting guests excited about the garden.
  • Liesl van der Walt – Former head gardener at Babylonstoren from 2010 to 20210. Spent 20 years as horticulturist at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.

Our gardeners can always do with an extra set of green fingers, so newbie gardeners who want to help and learn are also welcome to join our team.


Volunteers must be able to come on a regular basis to gain from the experience and teamwork. Volunteers should be fit and willing to get their hands dirty. We don’t have a special programme; volunteers will help our team with their daily tasks.


Tuesdays & Thursday mornings 08h00–13h00

Join our garden team as a guide for visitors on our daily garden tours and farm walks and help us share the joys and stories of Babylonstoren.

Requirements: Volunteers need to be fit and enjoy the outdoors. We will provide training but volunteers must have gardening experience, good plant knowledge and should be able to share this information in an engaging way. In order to really help our team, we kindly request that volunteers commit to one tour per week for a set period of time.


Garden tours 9h45–12h00 Farm walk 7h45–10h00