In each of our Farm Hotel cottages, there is a map showing the layout of Babylonstoren farm, including trails that meander through citrus and plum orchards, vineyards and proteas, stream and wetlands, renosterbos and fynbos.  The trails – marked out with laterite gravel – are great for walking, or hotel guests can ride the farm roads on bicycles that we keep in the old whitewashed sheds.

 The citrus orchards include satsumas and clementines, and the plums are spectacular when in blossom. Whilst in the vineyards, keep an eye out for the different training systems we use, including individual staking (or Einzelpfahlerziehung).

A boardwalk leads the wanderer to beautiful spots by the stream and wetlands, where there’s a wealth of indigenous plants. And if you are a repeat visitor, remember to visit the irrigation dam on each return, as you’ll see the indigenous trees we recently planted slowly turn into a forest at the water’s edge.

More adventurous guests can pull themselves across the dam on a ferry, or climb all the way to the top of the Babylonstoren koppie (little hill). As one climbs, notice how the grey renosterbos on the shale soil gives way to fynbos on the sandstone soils at the top of the koppie.


The view from the top  is stunning (click here for a 360 degree view), and worth taking the time to linger in the shade of rockwood tree facing Simonsberg mountain. There are similar shady rest stops hidden along the way up, to take a breather away from other people and surrounded by nature.

Hotel guests are welcome to enquire at reception for further information about farm activities. We look forward to enjoying the farm with you!

PS: Wherever you wander at Babylonstoren, don’t forget to pack a water bottle, hat and some sunscreen. Trust us: it gets hot out there!