Last week we collected beautiful ironstone (dolorite) rocks on a farm in the Karoo, between Sutherland and Fraserburg. Thanks Stewie Theron of Tafelberg! They will form building blocks for our Hantam Garden.

Rocks Indigenous Garden Babylonstoren_sml-1

Rocky ironstone outcrops occur in many parts of South-Africa, but are distinctive landmarks of the Karoo. When freshly split, a bluish inner surface of dolorite earns it the Afrikaans name blou-ysterklip. They were born in a period of volcanic activity some 200 million years ago when dinosaurs reigned. Often piled high, they gradually weather down to boulders and then to fertile reddish soil.

Rocks Indigenous Garden Babylonstoren_sml-5

By crane each rock was carefully lifted onto a base of old tyres and palettes on a truck. Slowly we crawled down the dangerous Verlatenkloof Pass. And then downloaded in the Babylonstoren indigenous garden …

Rocks Indigenous Garden Babylonstoren_sml-8

Obelix would have been proud of this menhir! Come see our Hamtam garden take shape over the next month.