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In order to pull all the various parts of Babylonstoren together as one, we rely heavily on a stellar team of receptionists, housekeepers, chefs, gardeners, therapists, horticulturists, managers and winemakers to make it all happen. Babylonstoren has many exciting employment opportunities, and so if you are passionate about your career and enthusiastic about the possibility of working for us, please send your CV to [email protected] with the position your are applying for in the subject line.

Positions Available

We have an exciting position with exposure to a variety of crops, for someone with a passion for farming!

  • At least 10 years’ experience in a supervisory/management role on a farm
  • A working knowledge of fruit production, organisational skills, time management skills and supervisory skills
  • A knowledge of stone fruit and pome fruit will be to your advantage
  • Must be able to work under pressure and perform
  • Personnel management, development and motivation
  • Management of production unit
  • Handling of audits
  • Management of day-to-day activities on the farm
  • Management of fertilising and pest control programmes
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Admin

Please send CV and salary expectation to [email protected]

Babylonstoren has a unique and exciting opportunity for someone who is passionate about body and bath product manufacturing to become part of the Babylonstoren team.

Required experience and qualifications

  • High school education
  • Experience in GMP and manufacturing of cosmetics
  • Fluent in Afrikaans and English
  • Delegation of duties to junior staff members
  • Self-management
  • Leading a team
  • Good mathematics ability (calculation of percentages and working with decimals)
  • Ability to lift 25–30 kg on a regular basis


  • Manufacturing and packaging cosmetic products (scrubs, washes, lotions, creams, body butters, balms, bath oils, soaps, etc.) according to formula procedures
  • Recognising safety hazards and alerting management accordingly
  • Following all GMP and SOP guidelines in all phases of work
  • Completing batch record documents, housekeeping logs and other documents pertaining to manufacturing as accurately as possible
  • Preparing retention samples and managing the retention sample library
  • Solving customer quality complaints and ability to establish the traceability of raw materials
  • Receiving raw materials and recording batch numbers and samples
  • Maintaining stock levels of all raw materials associated with manufacturing the list of products
  • Monitoring stock levels of finished stock and expiry dates
  • Monitoring expiry dates of raw materials and reporting such to senior management
  • Being able to maintain efficient compounding operations by solving process problems and adjusting formulations to correct pH when necessary
  • Engaging with the public in a tourism-related context by explaining what is being made and hosting workshops
  • Overseeing the steam distillation of essential oils

Please send CV and salary expectation to [email protected]