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We're committed to reuse, reduce and continually develop a more reducetarian lifestyle in all aspects of the farm. It's an ongoing journey. We know there are constantly new developments to improve, and we remain dedicated to continue implementing these wherever possible.  

Here are some of our proudest accomplishments in going green, and how they're implemented in our everyday reality.

  • Water-saving mechanisms are engineered into our irrigation systems and interwoven with the everyday operations of the farm. This has reduced consumption by 50%. No municipal water is used, and we rely exclusively – and conservatively – on our borehole source.
  • Where possible, we use PLA cellophane as a plant-based plastic alternative. It's made from natural starches derived from corn, sugar cane, straw or wood and is entirely compostable within 45 days – twice as fast as newspaper.

  • For labelling, we print on paper made from 100% recycled, chlorine-free pulp and support mills with FSC certification.

  • Overall, we are committed to using less paper and focusing more on reusable packaging made from 100% recycled (rPET-RSA) materials.

  • Our farm-made range of scented products is packaged in aluminium bottles. Aluminium is one of the most recycled and recyclable materials and can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties. Recycling this material saves 95% of the energy required to make the same amount of aluminium from its virgin source.

  • We take great care not to waste the precious harvests from our farm and garden. Fruit and veggie offcuts are utilised in innovative ways in soups, sauces and flavourings.

  • Composting. Non-edible food scraps like eggshells and coffee grounds are worked back into the soil via our compost heaps.

  • Our hub with cold storage and packing facilities, where all online shop products are packed, is powered entirely by the sun.

  • We're implementing solar power across the farm with the ultimate goal of cutting our reliance on the national grid by 80%. We’ve recently installed a 1056 m2 solar field to power all operations at our Vlaktestoor facility. The 528 panels generate 240-kilowatt peak (kWp) – more than enough for all the energy needs of the warehouse.

  • We actively protect the farm’s natural renosterveld vegetation, which forms part of South Africa's Fynbos Biome and the Cape Floral Kingdom.

  • Bees have VIP status on the farm. We protect them and other pollinating insects by removing foreign predators, installing and maintaining hives, erecting owl houses and planting insect hotels to create a safe space for them.