Bank on it! Seed saving and swopping in the garden

08 May 2024

Get your hands dirty as we learn about growing food from scratch. There’ll even be a seed swopping circle, so bring your own!

R 1200 per person.

Only 15 places available

If you’re a collector or enjoy experiencing the full cycle of life, pop over for this workshop to get down to the nitty-gritty of seed saving. Weather permitting, Gundula Deutschländer, our master gardener, will guide you into the garden to collect various seeds. The walk will be followed by an overview of the marvellous mechanics of seeds and how best to cultivate them. We will be discussing ripeness, sifting, sorting and storing of these precious seeds of hope, and share tips on how to sow once the time is right.

We invite you to bring whatever viable seed you might have to this communal seed swopping circle.

Steaming coffee from the Lekker Room is served upon arrival.
Scones and tea at the Greenhouse included.