Discover the secrets of traditional Italian balsamic vinegar

11 October 2023

Pure black gold! Learn how to bottle balsamic vinegar from the barrel.

R 950 per person.

Only 8 places available.

When the time came to make our very own balsamic vinegar, we turned to the masters of la dolce vita for inspiration. With this artisanal venture, we salute true DOP-style balsamic vinegar, but with a twist of our own. Our resident balsamic maestro, Klaas Stoffberg, will start with a cellar tour, explaining the traditional methods and production processes used to create this heavenly liquid – from picking and pressing grapes and boiling the grape juice, to the lengthy maturation process. In our maturation space, the balsamic vinegar is poured into a smaller barrel every year until, at last, it is ready to be used in our kitchens. Join us for this very special occasion of bottling from the smallest barrel in the battery – pure black gold! A tasting of this rare and sought-after delicacy will follow.

Steaming coffee from our Lekker Room is served upon arrival.
Lunch at the Tasting Room is included.