Encounter the fascinating world of rocks, stone tools and rock gongs

07 August 2024

Rock out with Babylonstoren’s rock collection, and immerse yourself in the musical, magical world of rocks.

R 1200 per person.

Only 15 places available

Babylonstoren’s rock collection is as fascinating as it is diverse. It represents hand-selected rocks from the Western and Northern Cape, each with its own history and characteristics. In this workshop, we’ll explore their variously shaped weathering patterns resulting in nature’s works of art, representing both sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic processes.

We’ll also dig into the history behind these silent historical storytellers; prehistoric people fashioned rocks for their tools, implements and music instruments, while early pioneers also constructed their beehive-shaped rock dwellings (korbeelhuise) from local rocks in the Fraserburg-Williston area. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with rocks from the younger limestone formations as well as the volcanic ultramafic lavas a billion years of age. This is your chance to experience Babylonstoren’s rock collection up close, guided by experts Ernst van Jaarsveld and Willem Pretorius.

Steaming coffee from thr Lekker Room is served upon arrival.
Lunch in the Greenhouse is included.