Forage for indigenous veld foods

22 August 2024

Forage and cultivate indigenous veld foods with botanist, Ernst van Jaarsveld, followed by a demo and lunch with Babel head chef, Schalk Vlok.

R 1200 per person.

Only 15 places available

For thousands of years, the indigenous peoples of Southern Africa survived in the veld by foraging bulbs, shoots, flowers and fruit. We start the day with a walk through the garden. Botanist Ernst van Jaarsveld will share his vast knowledge of South Africa’s indigenous edibles, showing guests how to recognise seasonal plants that they can pick and nibble on. We will also learn how to propagate these edible varieties to take home and plant there. Our guests are invited to a demo and lunch hosted by head chef Schalk Vlok, inspired by the indigenous food plants discussed in the workshop.

Steaming coffee from the Lekker Room is served upon arrival.
Lunch in the Old Bakery is included.