Indoor gardening: bringing succulents into your home

24 January 2024

Still growing your green fingers? These sweet little succulents won’t quit on you.

R 1200 per person.

Only 20 places available

Ox tongue, horse teeth and elephant’s foot ... South Africa’s unusual collection of succulents may sound daunting to grow, but they’re true die-hards. In fact, some are even called kanniedood, meaning “can’t die”. Their quirky shapes range from compact rosettes to cluster-forming knobs. Some are thickset dwarf trees, while others cascade in strings of pearls – an indoor gardener’s dream.

Babylonstoren’s Succulent House is the mecca of dwarf plants found in South Africa. Here, master botanist Ernst van Jaarsveld and the garden team will show you how to assemble your own miniature succulent gardens. The practical workshop addresses different terrains, pot preferences, watering needs and rock selections for mini gardens to ensure plants are always grouped together in similar climatic conditions.

Steaming coffee from our Lekker Room is served upon arrival.
Lunch at the Greenhouse Restaurant is included