International Bee Day (20 May)

24 May 2024

Website teaser: Visit our hives to experience the Cape honeybee up close this International Bee Day.

R 1200 per person.

Only 15 places available

Cape honeybees are honoured workers on the Babylonstoren Farm – not only do they produce an abundance of honey for the breakfast table at Babel Restaurant, but they also play a key role in pollinating many of our garden fruits, herbs and vegetables. In honour of International Bee Day on 20 May, we’d like to invite you to our farm to see these incredible worker bees in action.

Our workshop starts with a guided walk through the garden to explore the bees’ favourite spots, from nectar-filled annual flowers to pollen-rich trees. We’ll then invite you to view our collection of diverse beehives – including the traditional woven skep, the practical Langstroth with moveable frames, and the much-talked-about flow hives. Our beekeeper, Arné Stander, will share the story of the indigenous Cape honeybee and explain the basics of beekeeping.

Steaming coffee from the Lekker Room is served upon arrival.
A refreshing lunch at the Greenhouse Restaurant is included.