Everything’s better with butter: make butter & bake buttermilk rusks

05 July 2024, 02 August 2024, 06 September 2024

Let’s make butter and bake buttermilk rusks at Soetmelksvlei, a delightful new excursion by Babylonstoren.

R 1500 per person.

Only 10 places available.

Join us for a buttermaking and buttermilk rusk baking workshop at Soetmelksvlei, a delightful new excursion by Babylonstoren.

Prepare to roll up your sleeves as we embark on our journey at the Babylonstoren ticket office. Following a short ride along the picturesque slopes of Simonsberg, we’ll descend towards the historical farmyard, which represents a time when life was simpler, and craftsmanship was treasured.

Here, you will experience the age-old tradition of churning fresh farm milk into butter. See how we separate the cream and follow the simple steps to make your own butter. Under the guidance of master baker Martjie Malan you will bake buttermilk rusks, using fresh buttermilk – a by-product of the buttermaking process.

After a hands-on morning in the farm air, we’ll enjoy a hearty lunch in the Old Stables Restaurant before heading back to Babylonstoren.